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The middle-end S3 series dry-type shaping and sand making system developed based on our's high-end V7 dry-type sand making system uses granite, limestone and other mine rocks as well as gravel tailings as raw materials and has various components, such as the vertical-shaft impact crusher, vibrating screen, dust collection module and transmission module, which makes the green, harmonious, intelligent, and service-oriented complete sand making equipment, thereby realizing clean production and providing important strategic significance for completely replacing the machined sand with the natural sand and accelerating the transformation of economic growth patterns. Base on US vertical shaft impact crusher, the S3 series dry-type shaping and sand making system makes breakthroughs in the vertical shaft crushing key technology and integrates the air screen classification function into the crushing and shaping crusher to realize the real technological breakthrough and to produce multiple effects of crushing, shaping, sand making and graduation on the crusher, thereby making the best particle shapes during crushing. In addition, the system uses the double vibration self-synchronous linear screen , offline and pulsed dust collector to make high-quality finished aggregate and sand, thereby realizing clean production and significantly improving the technological production process compared to the middle-end shaping and sand making equipment developed by other manufacturers in China.

Model S3-615 S3-1030 S3-1545
Function Sand making shaping Sand making shaping Sand making shaping
Main Machine USF322H USF394H USF496H
screen ZS2052 ZS2468 2×ZS2264
feeding size(mm) 0-40 0-40 0-40
Max processing capacity(t/h) 60 150 100 300 150 450
total power(kW) 420 450 720 760 1080 1080
L*W*H(m) 30.5×9.5×22.5 34×10×28 34×10×30


USF Vertical-shaft Impact Crusher
Three-hole impact rotor structure
The crushing, shaping, sand making and graduation functions are integrated as a whole.
Low abrasion and the feeding size of the raw material has a big range(0-40mm).
The percentage of the recycled coarse particles with a size bigger than 0.15mm to the total particles reaches is within 30%.
The content of sand powders in the finished sand contains reaches is within 8%.


Self-synchronous Linear Vibration Screening Technology
Self-synchronous inverse vibration is used.
The graduation precision reaches 95% or above to achieve high productivity and high screening efficiency for energy conservation and environmental protection.
The reinforced screen has high strength and good stability, and therefore is durable.
The square vibration abutment wall has larger flexural modulus.
Easy maintenance is available.


Recycling Filter
The air separation technology with inertial classification requires no energy consumption.
The adjustable guide plate design maximizes the air flow path.
Corse particles (with a size greater than 40μm) in the reclaimed sand powder improve the quality of finished sand, thereby ensuring a reasonable granular composition of finished sand.
The technology can reduce power consumption during dust collection and improve dust collection efficiency.


Dust Collector
The high-efficiency bag dust collector provides the offline ash removal dust collection function to achieve a dust collection efficiency of 99%.
Polyester peritoneal filter bags provide excellent filtering performance, with the carbon concentration less than or equal to 20 mg/m³ (under rated conditions).
Automatic differential pressure signal feedback brings high-performance automatic pulse control.


Electronic Control System
The advanced control algorithm based on the host machine power is used.
The high finished sand output and stable quality are better than the national standards.